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Hi! I’m Charlotte Chanel! I enjoy a variety of activities whether its binge watching my favorite shows. I am currently watching The Big Bang Theory and am in love with iT! I also love hanging with my gal pals and doing brunch with some delicious mimosas! I also love to hike and I cant wait to start my backpacking journey in Europe! I absolutely love dancing or going out to a nice dinner by the water I am up for any old adventure! I am very spontaneous so its not uncommon for me to wake up in Vegas not knowing where on Earth I put my shoes and my purse! I’m always occupied in any new venture that comes my way! In my spare time I volunteer at an animal shelter when Im not working my family business. I am an active member of my community with my commercial and residential striping company that my family and I own and we are super excited for our upcoming international expansion in the new year! You can say I’m in the business of human fulfillment 🙂

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